Guided tours in the Rammelsberg Mine –

immerse yourself in the world of mining!

At the Rammelsberg Mine you can discover the unique world of mining on various tours above and below ground. There are some recommendations in the following:

From pieces of ore to concentrate

Those who like to get up high will really enjoy a ride on the inclined lift. Originally it transported the ore to the highest point of the ore-processing plant. Huge machines were needed to extract the valuable content from the ore.

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With the mine railway into the mine

Ring, Ring, Ring! A bell gives a loud warning when the mine train is coming. Get in and travel just like the Rammelsberg miners once did to their place of work "at the face".

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Small becomes big! Searching for clues in the mine

On this family tour, children are the centre of attention because here you can be really curious, ask questions and get to know the exciting world of mining.

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Fire and water – The Roeder Stollen gallery

Together with your guide, follow the path of the water under the ground to the giant water wheels that were used to hoist the ore for more than 100 years.

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