Resources and the economy, nature and culture, politics and architecture –

an attractive cultural landscape formed by centuries of interaction between ore and man. 

The traces of history in the cultural landscape of the Harz are as rich as the diversity of its towns and villages: they range from the mining and the water management systems on the Rammelsberg and in the Upper Harz via the secular architecture of Goslar's Imperial Palace to the mining activities of Walkenried Monastery.

Throughout the World Heritage, there are four main themes:

Architecture & settlements
Changing landscapes
Energy production

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© Stefan Sobotta

© Stefan Sobotta

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World culture up close

In the former mine at the Rammelsberg you will get unique insights into the long history of mining. In the historic installations both above and below ground you will find out about 1000 years of uninterrupted ore mining.

World Heritage in the Harz

A diverse World Heritage Site with numerous museum locations awaits your visit. And the Information Centre offers you the perfect introduction to the World Heritage Site Mines of Rammelsberg, Historic Town of Goslar and Upper Harz Water Management System. Read more…

On the Move

Hiking, cycling, motorized tours or guided visits – there are many ways to explore the UNESCO World Heritage in the Harz.

On our website you will find numerous suggestions for your tour of discovery – be inspired by the cultural diversity and the breathtaking landscapes of this unique mining region…


An overview of what the World Heritage has to offer

This information brochure will take you on your first journey of discovery through the UNESCO World Heritage in the Harz. Have fun browsing.