World Heritage Information Center Goslar –

Your ideal introduction to the World Heritage in the Harz

You can inform yourself free of charge about the theme of World Heritage in a fascinating exhibition. Many of the exhibits are interactive.

The low-barrier Information Centers provide an overview of the UNESCO World Heritage and serve as a starting point for exploring the original settings of the World Heritage in the Harz. At the respective locations they provide the function of a "spotlight" for the places nearby and explain their special features. At Goslar, the places that are covered in more detail are the World Heritage Rammelsberg and the old town of Goslar.

The importance of UNESCO World Heritage Sites for the entire world community is also presented – World Heritage belongs to everybody and connects people with each other across all borders.

Explore the Word Heritage Information Center Goslar right now in the video above!

3D model, video projection and media terminal

At the heart of each World Heritage Information Center is a 3D landscape model with video projections that clearly illustrate the process of change that has taken place in the 3000-year-old cultural landscape of the West Harz. The interrelationship between man, nature and technology is put into context in terms of time and content. The film offers guests a unique possibility to gain a bird's eye view of the entire World Heritage in the Harz and its underground dimensions, and also to get to know its impressive history.

At a media terminal visitors can inform themselves in detail about everything that is offered and all events in the World Heritage Site. They can then leave the World Heritage Information Center with an individually compiled itinerary and information, and then explore the World Heritage directly on location.

Entry WEIZ Goslar

The Goslar World Heritage Information Center begins with the illustration that world heritage is there for all of mankind.

© Stefan Sobotta

 Media station 3D model

Media station 3D model of the history of mining in the Harz mountains

© Stefan Sobotta

Media station card game

A fun game to learn more about the different world heritage sites.

© Stefan Sobotta

 Signpost World Heritage Info Center Goslar

Signpost World Heritage Info Center Goslar

© Stefan Sobotta


After the World Heritage Info Center in June 2022 in Walkenried, the World Heritage Info Center in the Old Town Hall in Goslar was added in April 2022. Another world heritage information center opened at the Clausthal-Zellerfeld site on the 18. Sepembre 2022. They are important infrastructure measures for tourism and, in addition to developing and communicating the world heritage sites, contribute to better networking of the existing offers in the world heritage.






World Heritage Information Center Goslar
Markt 1  
38640 Goslar
The World Heritage Information Center is located in the historic town hall directly on Goslar's market square.



Tel. +49 5321 - 780 60



Daily 10:00 - 17:00 O'Clock
Closed on 24th and 31 December and 1st January.

Entry is free. The World Heritage Center is barrier-free.

Rammesberg Mine

Experience the place where mining in the Harz first started.

In the museum buildings and in the mine installations above and below ground you will gain unique insights into more than 1000 years of history of the ore mining at the Rammelsberg.

On the Move

Your personal tour through the World Heritage

Hiking or cycling, motorized or guided tours – there are many ways to explore the UNESCO World Heritage in the Harz. Be inspired by the wide range of offers.


Architecture & settlements, mining, changing landscapes, energy production

The interactions between people and ore have left many traces in the cultural landscape of the Harz. These can be divided among the four main themes that characterize the UNESCO World Heritage in the Harz.


Today in the Middle Ages

Visit the oldest part of the UNESCO World Heritage in the Harz at the Cistercian Museum Walkenried Monastery. With its sensual and creative design within the Gothic monastery complex, it brings the Middle Ages to life.


Go on a journey of discovery by reading your way through the UNESCO World Heritage in the Harz

On 64 pages, the brochure will give you an overview of everything the UNESCO World Heritage in the Harz has to offer. Enjoy browsing through it!

World Heritage in the Harz

Cultural diversity amid breathtaking landscapes: the UNESCO World Heritage in the Harz

At the World Heritage Site Mines of Rammelsberg, Historic Town of Goslar and Upper Harz Water Management System a wide range of museums and monuments await your visit. Discover this treasure of human history.