Tin Figure Museum Goslar –

an experience en miniature

In an 18th-century watermill in the middle of the Historic Town of Goslar you will encounter many tin figures – emperors, bishops, miners etc. – and they will all tell you their stories of history. They will show you their day-to-day and working lives, which traditions they have and how they celebrate. Here, you can discover the influential history of Goslar and the Harz region, shaped by mining, and experience the World Heritage Site Mines of Rammelsberg, Historic Town of Goslar and Upper Harz Water Management System in miniature.

You can also visit exciting special exhibitions and can cast your own tin figure to take home with you.

Tin figure setup "Hunting Party"

Discovering history in stories: The tin figure museum

© Stiftung Welterbe im Harz

Tin figure setup "Water Mill"

Numerous dioramas are directly related to the world heritage.

© Stiftung Welterbe im Harz




Zinnfiguren-Museum Goslar
Klapperhagen 1
38640 Goslar
Tel. +49 5321-25889


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World Heritage in the Harz

World culture up close

In the former mine at the Rammelsberg you will get unique insights into the long history of mining. In the historic installations both above and below ground you will find out about 1000 years of uninterrupted ore mining.

On the Move

Hiking, cycling, motorized tours or guided visits – there are many ways to explore the UNESCO World Heritage in the Harz.

On our website you will find numerous suggestions for your tour of discovery – be inspired by the cultural diversity and the breathtaking landscapes of this unique mining region…


An overview of what the World Heritage has to offer

This information brochure will take you on your first journey of discovery through the UNESCO World Heritage in the Harz. Have fun browsing.