Rosenhof Wheel Chambers –

visit one of the oldest mining installations in Clausthal

The Thurm Rosenhof Mine was one of the oldest mines in Clausthal and one of the longest in operation. Here you can discover two outstanding components of the Upper Harz Water Management System that have been preserved – hidden under the earth: the Rosenhof Wheel Chambers. Like the inside of a mighty tower, the Round Wheel Chamber from the late 17th century descends 24 metres into the ground. The neighbouring Oval Wheel Chamber from the early 19th century, which contemporaries described as the "most beautiful in the whole of the Harz", is 15 metres high. A little adventure that will take you into the depths via ladders and stairways awaits you here.

The Rosenhof Wheel Chambers are an external location of the Upper Harz Mining Museum.

Into the depths of the Rosenhof Wheel Chambers via stairs and ladders.

Into the depths of the Rosenhof Wheel Chambers via stairs and ladders...

© Hansjörg Hörseljau

and marvel at the centuries-old architecture

...and marvel at the centuries-old architecture.

© Hansjörg Hörseljau




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In the former mine at the Rammelsberg you will get unique insights into the long history of mining. In the historic installations both above and below ground you will find out about 1000 years of uninterrupted ore mining.

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